Letter of Support

November 8th 2017

To Whom it May Concern,

As a taxpayer for New York State and Oneida County, I severely disagree with both the process and the outcome of the trial for Kaitlyn Conley, who was found guilty of Manslaughter on November 7th, 2017. The information provided by the media throughout this case is enough to raise serious questions about our county court and justice system.

Given the evidence (or lack thereof), it is appalling that Kaitlyn Conley is being charged while other suspects avoid scrutiny. I firmly believe the county court has made an egregious error by convicting an innocent woman, while the real murderer of Mary Yoder is still walking freely in our community.

Even without a background in forensic science, law, or criminal justice, it is obvious to me that there are severe gaps in the evidence. Kaitlyn lacks a motive for the murder and all the evidence convicting her is broadly circumstantial. The limited attempts (which appear to be slipshod at best) to investigate other possible suspects is disconcerting. The very obvious position that Katie was framed has been brushed aside. Furthermore, the Office of the District Attorney's attitude about this trial is an embarrassment to Oneida Country. District Attorney Scott McNamara has abused his influence to informally create bias against Kaitlyn by generating media implying that her house arrest and parole is "special treatment". Furthermore, he attempted to sway public opinion by insisting that Katie was violating terms of her house arrest when she was merely meeting publicly in a restaurant with her attorney. Such behavior on the part for the District Attorney is childish, if not outright suspicious

Furthermore, the character of Kaitlyn Conley does not match up with that of a murderer. For this, I can speak firsthand and would be willing to testify to whomever will listen. Between the years of 2001 and 2008, I was both a neighbor an adopted family member of the Conleys. I was permitted to join them for holidays, outings and vacations and was oftentimes referred to as their extra daughter. The sisters and I were all good friends but I was closest in age to Katie. The Conleys are a devout Catholic family who are very active in the church. We attended St. Patrick's/St. Anthony's parish in Clayville/Chadwicks and were regularly involved in church functions. Even after moving away for college, I was Katie's confirmation sponsor in 2009 through the Diocese of Syracuse. Furthermore, throughout her extensive time on house arrest Katie was still actively attending church.

I visited the Conleys multiple times when Katie was under house arrest and there is not one iota of doubt in me that she is innocent. She is a morally strong individual, highly trustworthy, responsible, and is in no way capable of murdering anyone. While my faith and trust in the Oneida County Justice department is left utterly shattered, I hope enough people come forward with similar sentiments to inspire reform and bring about actual justice. I will be sending copies of this letter to other Oneida County offices (and will be doing so repeatedly until the official sentencing of Kaitlyn Conley) in hopes my words will help reinforce the need for another trial or an appeal.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my relationship with the Conley family, or if I can ever act as a character witness for Kaitlyn. The Oneida County court has taken years of life away from an innocent women and it is unacceptable.

(Name Redacted)