Letter of Support

To whom it may concern,

I don't know Katie and I am not a legal expert, but I am intelligent enough to know when something seems a bit of After studying this case for quite some time, while it's been on the news and newspaper, I've noticed that there are alot of changes in stories by the husband and son of Mary Yoder, and the fact that as soon as she died, he's dating her sister. The son used the poison for his marijuana, Mary was an avid gardener. Aren't those hints that maybe, just maybe, either the son or husband are to blame? Oh and Adam admits to hitting Katie? After that, the police should have summoned him and slap him with harassment/assault. Also, if the court system couldn't find Katie guilty of murder, then just leave it alone because she's obviously innocent. Don't add manslaughter just because you want to convict her with at least something.

PS: to the family of Katie Conley, I support you 100% and hope your family is granted the appeal and wins the appeal

(Name Redacted)