Letter of Support

To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing in support of Kaitlyn Conley. I have known Kaitlyn since she was 14 years old. In the time that I have known Kaitlyn, she exhibited great character and showed great promise to be successful in any endeavor she pursued. I had the pleasure of having Kaitlyn as a student. Some of the details, in this case, have led me to believe that justice was not served. I believe in Kaitlyn's innocence and believe that multiple improper factors led to her conviction.

I believe that some of the evidence was improperly handled in the case. There was key evidence that could have been subject to tampering by members of the Yoder family. Mr. Yoder delivered Mary Yoder's supplements and vitamins to be tested after the fact. The supplements could have been easily tampered with. The same thing is true with the electronics that were collected. The jury was also shown selective parts of Miss Conley's interrogation, which I believe was done to strengthen the case against Kaitlyn. I believe the jury had the right to see all the testimony. The police also did not collect the gloves and mask from Adam's car. It seems as if the case was "orchestrated", as Mr. Yoder stated, to secure a case against Kaitlyn, even though there was plenty of room for doubt.I also feel that the interrogation video crossed an ethical line and bordered on coercion. The police officer who interrogated Kaitlyn testified that he thought Kaitlyn was guilty. I contend that the placed undue and inappropriate pressure on Kaitlyn to pressure her to admit to a crime she did not commit. Improper police tactics such as this illustrated a pattern of behavior in this case that led to an unfair trial. The introduction of the option of the 1st-degree manslaughter option offered at the end of the trial did not allow the defense to adjust their approach to Kaitlyn's defense. It appeared that the prosecution knew their circumstantial case would not garner a conviction, so they wanted to offer and lesser option. The evidence did not prove within a reasonable doubt that Miss Conley administered the colchicine. The prosecution did not offer evidence of how or when the colchicine was ingested. I do not know how a jury could convict without those key points being proven within a reasonable doubt. When the administration of justice seems to have been compromised, it interferes with the proper administration of justice. I have faith in the justice system and hope that Kaitlyn is treated fairly. A miscarriage of justice will not be justice served for the death of Mary Yoder.


(Name Redacted)