Letter of Support

November 13, 2017

To whom it may concern:

I have known Kaitlyn Conley since the day she was born, and I feel compelled to address what is a gross miscarriage of justice. Katie is not capable of hurting another human being as the prosecution laid out. This is a young woman who has spent her entire life caring for other creatures, human and animal alike. She has raised and cared for a variety of animals concurrently including horses, goats, chickens and chicks, rabbits, and even a herd of turkeys who think she is their mother. One of her various part-time jobs has been caring for a very cantankerous older woman who made that very effort difficult at best. Growing up she helped take care of her three younger sisters. She has demonstrated extreme patience, understanding and love in all of this. The accusations leveled against her go against everything this lovely young woman believes and has presented to the world. Katie comes from a family of caring, responsible and loving people. Her father is a pillar in the local community and her mother teaches special needs children. Her three younger sisters are nurses; one older sister is a teacher and one a tax collector. This is not a family that could produce someone capable of what she has been charged with. I know Katie always spoke very highly of Mary Yoder and the thought that she could or would cause her any physical harm is preposterous.I will not get into what I believe Adam Yoder is capable of as even the prosecutor admitted he is not someone she would want her daughter to bring home. That he visited years of abuse on Katie as evidenced in court illustrates his character. Knowing both Adam and his father were granted immunity from prosecution before the first trial speaks volumes. It is no wonder the very circumstantial case against Katie gained traction when the two prime suspects could not be pursued. I implore the court to consider the multitude of examples of Katie's love and kindness and to enact justice as it was meant to be by reversing the Manslaughter charge decision against her. This is the only true justice for Mary Yoder.


(Name Redacted)