Letter of Support

The Conley Family,

I want to start this letter off first and foremost by saying your family has my support 100% on Kaitlyn's innocence. I believe she was wrongfully accused and charged on the lesser charge of manslaughter for the simple fact that Judge and the prosecution team wanted it to look like the solved this case. I have watched the initial trial and re trial very closely. From the start everyone can see that this case was handled very poorly to say the least. From the investigators handling evidence poorly to them clearly having tunnel vision for just Kait. They still have no motive or physical evidence. Everything they have is all circumstantial. You can't charge someone with a crime based on circumstance otherwise there would be a lot more people in jail. There was a hung jury both times for a reason. For the jury to be charged with the Allen Charge I fully understand however it is looking like a dirty court case even more now since they went from not coming to a decision to a few hours later a guilty verdict. It appears to me and numerous other people the Judge wanted her charged with something and wasn't going to take a hung jury for the answer. Kaitlyn has proclaimed her innocence since they found out she wrote that note. Yes all of the information traced back to her phone but she kept telling them that it was going to so she never hid that. The one thing they really needed to look more into is why Adam Yoder kept backing up her iPhone on his computer. I believe he was doing this because he wanted to make sure if anything happened he had a clear case against her to cover his own work. I hope that your family gets all the support you need for this appeal case. They need to allow Mary Yoder's sisters testify and more people that know the family dynamics of the Yoders. Them backing Kaitlyn speaks volumes as it should to the court. I will be waiting and watching and hoping for the best in this case. Stay strong. Keeping Kaitlyn in my thoughts.

Best Regards,

(Name Redacted)