Letter of Support

To Whom It May Concern-

I am writing this letter in response to the horrific miscarriage of justice that has taken place in the conviction of Ms. Kaitlyn Conley. There was not one particle of evidence presented that could be called anything but circumstantial. The trial was an embarrassment to our legal system and to any official who played a role in it. An innocent young woman has had her life altered irreparably and her family has been made to suffer for no apparent reason, other than District Attorney McNamara needing a conviction after foolishly granting immunity to the real perpetrators!

The first trial ended in a hung jury, and it certainly looked like the second trial was going to end up the same way...until the judge bullied the jurors. Seems like they came up with a guilty verdict pretty quickly after that. Something sure smells fishy! In addition, adding the manslaughter option after the trial had already begun should not have happened. This whole ordeal was nothing but a shameful Kangaroo Court.

No clear motive was established. No method of how the poison got into Mary Yoder's system was ever established. No proof or evidence that Kaitlyn was the person who administered the poison was ever established. How can Kaitlyn be found guilty of poisoning Mary Yoder if there is no actual proof that she poisoned her?

Mary Yoder's own SISTERS maintain Kaitlyn's innocence, while suggesting that the perpetrator (who HAD a motive and who WAS familiar with colchicine) is actually William Yoder. It is unconscionable that William was granted immunity. It is unconscionable that a blameless young woman was wrongfully convicted by a railroaded jury. It is unconscionable that a failure of our judicial system resulted not in justice, but in the creation of another innocent victim. Shame on all of you!