Letter of Support

To Whom It May Concern-

I have known the Conley family for 16 years and my daughter was a close, childhood friend of Kaitlyn's. The Kaitlyn I know is a devout, poised, intelligent, articulate, and moral young lady. She was raised to be truthful, generous, and compassionate. Her family is close, loving, and supportive. There is not one cell in my entire body that believes, even slightly, that Kaitlyn could be guilty of poisoning Mary Yoder.

I was at work when I read on the WKTV website that Katie had been arrested for murder. Immediately, without even reading the article, I said to my coworker "She's been framed". That is still my staunch conviction: Katie was framed for a crime that she not only didn't commit but was morally incapable of committing.

Katie and her family are practicing Roman Catholics, active in their parish and fully living their beliefs. Katie would certainly not commit murder! And certainly not for such a feeble and paltry motive as to "get back at her boyfriend". That's pure lunacy.

Unfortunately, Katie was used as a scapegoat by someone who DID have a motive and who DID have the wherewithal to commit murder: her ex-employer, William Yoder. Mary Yoder's own sisters maintain Katie is innocent. So do I. So does ANYONE who has been fortunate enough to know her. Katie is innocent. KATIE IS INNOCENT. Her legal appeal needs to come sooner rather than later. Enough harm has already been done to her and her family. She's innocent. Overturn this conviction!


(Name Redacted)