Letter of Support

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Kaitlyn Conley Trial

How could a juror with normal intelligence and any shred of conscience have cast a guilty verdict? Guilt has certainly not been proven beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt, and both trials led to more unanswered questions than it has answers.

Points to ponder:

* Mary's own sisters suggest that William is a likely suspect and they, themselves, maintain Kaitlyn's innocence.

* One of Mary's sisters suggested in the first trial that the sister currently having an affair with William could be a suspect. She HAS buried a couple of husbands, after all! Maybe they ought to be exhumed and checked for toxins!

* William admitted he grew/grows marijuana. Colchicine is used by growers to promote bud development. He certainly has reason to have been familiar with the chemical and its properties.

* What exactly does Adam do? Is he a marijuana grower? A computer whiz? It was suggested that he has psychological issues and is a drug user. He admitted to hitting Katie and to having had drunken blackouts. He owed Kaitlyn a substantial amount of money. Maybe his motive was to "get back" at Katie!

* As a receptionist/office manager in a chiropractic office, Kaitlyn certainly could be expected to order medicine and supplies for her employers. She might also be expected to purchase credit cards and gift cards, sign and pay invoices, open packages, handle and shelve supplies, and to have used telephones and office equipment. Her DNA would be on everything. If Kaitlyn DID order the colchicine, perhaps she did so at the request of one of one of the Yoders!

* Why was William not at the bedside of his wife, whom he supposedly was still "in love" with, when she "coded" at the hospital? If a loved one is grievously ill in the hospital, wouldn't you either be THERE or at least reachable? William was neither. He was asleep, with his phone turned off.

* If Kaitlyn is guilty why did she not request an attorney while she was being interrogated, and why would she not have accepted the plea bargain?

*How did the colchicine get into Mary's body? Autopsy evidence suggests that the last dose was given to her WHILE she was in the hospital. How? And by whom?

Too many unanswered questions left hanging for there to have been a guilty verdict. All evidence purely circumstantial! No clear motive! There is at LEAST one other suspect who actually HAS a motive, but for some mysterious reason, he was granted immunity!

The whole trial was a debacle of massive proportions. Justice has NOT been served. An innocent girl has been imprisoned and the guilty party has gotten away with murder. There needs to be an appeal ASAP.


(Name Redacted)