Letter of Support

I have known the Conley family most of my life. Both personally and in business. Each one always kind and helpful to anyone they encounter. I never met Kaitlyn but I believe that a child raised under the Conley roof would never consider this behavior nor would they have any need or motive to.
I have also been witness to events created or caused by law enforcement to attain a certain outcome. I believe that this conviction was made with a gross lack of evidence and moreover a convenience to Mary Yoder's immediate family as well as their exoneration from this crime.
I always waited for that moment that a motive might make me believe but it never came. However other motives from Mary's spouse and son seemed to be more evident and suspicious. When I read the letter written from Mary's sister i felt I had all the confirmation I needed. Had I been on the jury, I would never have voted to convict Katie. Never. My thoughts and prayers are with Katie and her family. And I pray for those in our justice system find a way to make this right.