Letter of Support

Dear Kaitlyn, 

I have watched both your trials as I tried hard to keep up on all that was allowed by the public to see. I could tell there was an awful injustice being done and I'm no professional. I fully believe you ARE INNOCENT going by what I have seen and heard. Please don't give up, Fight for this truth. For Mary, and for yourself Kaitlyn as well as the rest of those that love and support you. I sure hope that the FBI takes heed of this for you and your family. And the FBI get's involved and helps your family. And they help you Kaitlyn, as well as Mary who was murdered, get full justice for you all so much deserve the truth to be known and those criminals to be the ones who are punished for the crime. I truly believe the FBI are great at their work, and they will bring the right people to justice. When I say my prayers this ThanksGiving, I say a special prayer for you all.

God bless. (Name Redacted)