Letter of Support

As a mature, sophisticated and educated gentleman in the northwest suburbs of Chicago I am disturbed that Kaitlyn Conley is in jail awaiting sentence for Manslaughter. I thought that someone was supposed to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. After witnessing the December 1st Dateline telecast I can honestly say that Kaitlyn received a bad decision from the jury. Any evidence brought to the jury was all circumstantial. Either the boyfriend or father did the crime, not Kaitlyn. Regardless, for 23 year old young educated and lovely woman have her life taken away by circumstantial evidence only is a crime in itself.
I would like for the sisters of the victim to feel free to correspond with me and I hope that Kaitlyn sees my letter of encouragement. I wish Kaitlyn the best and wish I could do something for her and to help her in her situation. She deserves better than what she has received from the court system and the legal process.
Sincerely, (Name Redacted)