Letter of Support

After watching the Dateline episode regarding your case, I am compelled to reach out to you. There is SO much reasonable doubt in this case, between Adam and William. I truly believe you are an innocent victim. What motive would you have to murder this fine lady that was your mentor? Adam appears to be a total loser, and is definitely NOT worth throwing away your life for. The prosecution's theory that you were trying to win him back is ridiculous; you are a beautiful young lady, with a college degree and a bright future. As an avid watcher of Dateline, usually the defendant has some buried past, that comes to the surface during the investigation. In your case, there was NOTHING that they uncovered to lead them to any motive, because, quite frankly, there is no motive! Because you didn't do it! While I strongly believe William was the perpetrator, I do have some lingering questions as to some of the evidence that was presented - such as your DNA on the bottle. Makes sense that you received the package. Was William's DNA ever tested? Was his on the bottle too? Your computers were not secure, and neither was your phone. I believe William did it, and used Adam as a pawn, to throw off authorities. And you, Katie, were just an unfortunate easy target in all of this! William and Adam would never call out each other, but you were a sitting duck. I wish you the best in all of your appeals!

(Name Redacted), (Location Redacted)