Letter of Support

Hi I just wanted to say I watched the Dateline episode and I think the system failed - there was reasonable doubt - even if just 10%
That’s still grounds for a not guilty
I think throwing in a charge of manslaughter and the judge pushing them to go back again and try 2 get a verdict. They were just like fine we’ll give her the manslaugher then - it’s not right. I can’t say for certain 100% that she didn’t do it but that’s not 100% she did do it either - That judge coming back and pushing them to keep trying that’s a crock. All of a sudden they r gonna Change their opinions that fast. It seems like they r pressured like he wants a decision so make one now I bet if manslaugher wasn’t on the table. No way they could have convicted on first degree Im sorry I’m rambling I just feel so bad. I can’t get the verdict out of my head Reach out to those people that work strictly on people that r innocent . Innocent project I think. I’m sure u have already. Keep the faith that the system will come through for Katie I believe it will. Don’t stop fighting

Take care